We Ate Cake

As you know we were just on the East Coast.  We chatted on the phone about it but it was such a big trip there’s no way it could all fit into one or even two conversation.  This post is about the things we missed, the small details, the things I would try to tell you if we were sitting in the living room or at the kitchen table.

We ate a lot of cake.


We had a cake the first night, a chocolate cake. We had two cakes the second night a chocolate cake and the infamous coconut cake Mike and Arlie always talked about.  Then we had two more cakes on our last night, a carrot cake and another coconut cake.


I don’t have pictures of all the cakes but I really wish I did.  Rachel, a trained chef said the icing was ‘divine’ and was going to try to recreate it.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much cake, especially because I’m not really sweets person anymore.


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