We Ate Cake

As you know we were just on the East Coast.  We chatted on the phone about it but it was such a big trip there’s no way it could all fit into one or even two conversation.  This post is about the things we missed, the small details, the things I would try to tell you if we were sitting in the living room or at the kitchen table.

We ate a lot of cake.


We had a cake the first night, a chocolate cake. We had two cakes the second night a chocolate cake and the infamous coconut cake Mike and Arlie always talked about.  Then we had two more cakes on our last night, a carrot cake and another coconut cake.


I don’t have pictures of all the cakes but I really wish I did.  Rachel, a trained chef said the icing was ‘divine’ and was going to try to recreate it.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much cake, especially because I’m not really sweets person anymore.


Hello world!

I like to write. I didn’t know this until I created a sustainability blog at work and suddenly found myself impatient to start the next post. My family also lives far away and although texts and phone calls do happen certain parts of stories or whole stories all together get passed up for the bigger, more important stuff. We’ve lost the “you know what I was thinking today…”

My aim here is to fill in the gaps and write as if we were sitting at the kitchen table again or saw each other so often that it didn’t feel like a waste to tell you about the person I saw on the bus.

I want to know who you saw on the street or a funny commercial you saw so please reply and tell me about your day.